Madarozzo G 0050

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Manufacturer: Madarozzo Bags
₹ 2,900.00


  1. Madarozzo™ look and branding  

  2. •20mm luxury foam padding  

  3. 600D high end Polyester 

  4. Adjustable, luxury padded, comfortable backpack with reflective stripes   

  5. Luxury padded carrying handle with reflective stripes  

  6. grab handle for easy pick up on the back  

  7. NO. 10 zipper with practical, branded fabric pullers  

  8. Madarozzo™ stripe Two-Tone look  

  9. Embroidered Madarozzo™ branding  

  10. End-Pin, headstock and bridge protector in Polyester  

  11. Quality Nylon interior  

  12. Zippered A4 music pouch  

  13. Zippered additional accessory pouch below music pouch  

  14. Zippered headstock pouch