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Dunlop has taken the original Crybaby and added the three most popular and requested upgrades: the famous "Q" control, which varies the intensity of the wah effect by adjusting the effect's bandpass shape; the volume Boost, for up to +15 dB added gain; and Dunlop's Auto-Return function that automatically engages the effect when you place your foot on the pedal. The 95Q is a flexible tone monster that retains the original Crybaby's fast-reacting characteristics. 

Heavy die-cast steel construction. Q dial. Made in the USA. Uses optional ECB003 power supply.

Dunlop 95Q Crybaby Wah Pedal Features:

  • Original vintage effect 
    Q control 
    Volume boost 
    Auto-return function 
    Heavy-duty durability 
    Smooth operation and easy control 
    Made in the USA