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The AX8 is a new all-in-one floor unit featuring the legendary Quantum Amp Modeling made famous in our flagship Axe-Fx II line of preamp/guitar processors. It also features our patented UltraRes speaker simulation technology and a stunning collection of Fractal Audio effects, including many of the greatest stompboxes and studio effect processors of all time, plus the tremendous capability to imagine and create totally new sounds. No other all-in-one unit offers the same level of realism, flexibility, and control. A truly musical experience, playing the AX8 unlocks creativity and inspires great performances.

The unit is built to last with a steel chassis and aircraft aluminum end panels, featuring eleven quiet, durable, solid-state footswitches with no mechanical contacts to fail, 27 LEDs in three colors, a brilliant LCD display, six buttons including SHIFT for extra functions, five soft knobs, and eight dedicated LED-indicator knobs for essential amp functions. It has an instrument input, XLR, Humbuster and S/PDIF main outputs, a stereo effects loop (which also doubles as a auxilliary input/output for special applications) and four jacks for external switches or expression pedals. The AX8 is perfect for guitar, bass, and other instruments.
Like every Fractal Audio Systems product, the AX8 puts audio performance above all else. It uses extremely high quality converters for a pristine signal path and ultra-low noise. The onboard dual processors run the same high-quality algorithms made famous in the Axe-Fx II. In comparison to other all-in-one units, we emphasize quality over quantity in the AX8. The amp modeling is truly the centerpiece, providing incredible nuance and tone, whether you seek crystal clear cleans, elusive edge-of-breakup tones, rich, cascaded overdriven rock tones, or face-melting high-gain modern distortion.
Most importantly, the AX8 continues the Fractal Audio Systems tradition of total quality. Our unique company structure, along with our direct sales model means higher quality at a lower priceand the AX8 is made in the USA. Our intensely dedicated product team doesnt answer to share-holders and corporate bean-counters, so we dont cut corners. This, along with our obsession with being the best leads to stellar reliability, performance and, most importantly, that legendary Fractal Audio sound.
AX8-EDIT, a full-featured software editor, is also included free. The AX8 is fully compatible with Fractal-Bot for preset sharing, easy backup and restore, plus firmware updates as new features are added.


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