Blackstar ID Core 10W

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 Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 10 Portable Combo Amplifier at a Glance:

  • Sculpt the tones you need on the go
  • Blackstar’s ISF gives you a wide tonal range
  • Perfect mobile amp for recording and listening

Sculpt the tones you need on the go

Don’t let the size of the Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 10 fool you, this is a feature-packed portable amp. You get six amplifier voicings that will cover everything from smooth ballads to heavy, down-tuned metal. And once you sprinkle in a dose of effects, the sound you hear in your head will come out of your amp. Blackstar’s Super Wide Stereo technology gives your chorus, delay, and other effects a huge, lush stereo field. The ID:Core Stereo 10 also utilizes Blackstar’s patented ISF control, so you can really nail the amp tones you’re after.

Blackstar’s ISF gives you a wide tonal range

You can create virtually any classic guitar tone you can imagine with the ID:Core Stereo 10 combo, thanks to Blackstar’s patented ISF control, or Infinite Shape Feature. ISF lets you adjust the response of the entire tone stack in the ID:Core Stereo 10, letting you shape tones to match the sound of different amplifier types. This means you can re-create the sounds of classic American amps, British amps, or even create your own combination of the two. The ID:Core Stereo 10’s ISF knob is something we at Sweetwater know most guitar players will appreciate.

Perfect mobile amp for recording and listening

The Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 10 is much more than just a guitar amp. A dedicated stereo aux in lets you plug in your MP3 player, so you can jam along with your favorite tunes or just listen to music. If you get the urge to record, the ID:Core Stereo 10 has a speaker emulated line out, allowing you to hook right up to your recorder or audio interface and record silently. A handy USB jack lets you record straight to your computer without any other hardware. It also lets you easily tweak and save presets via your computer, with Blackstar’s free INSIDER software.

Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 10 Portable Combo Amplifier Features:

  • Portable stereo combo amplifier with 6 guitar amp voicings and built-in effects
  • Dual 5-watt power amps for true stereo sound
  • 2 x 3″ speakers
  • Patented ISF tone shaping lets you capture the sound of American amps, British amps, or blend between them
  • Built-in modulation, reverb, and delay effects
  • Aux input for jamming along with your MP3 player
  • USB connectivity for easy recording directly to your computer and editing sounds
  • Software included for tweaking your custom sounds
  • Speaker emulated line out



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