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 Dr.J D-59 Lancelot Distortion Mosfet, Diode & Boost Guitar Effect Pedal

The Dr.J D-59 Lancelot Distortion guitar effect pedal is a screamer ! Bringing back memories of some classic modded amps that just screamed 80s distortion..

A Mosfet, Diode switch gives you a versatile pedals & combined with its Boost, you have a Distiortion Guitar Effect Pedal that is rich in tone and features to boot.

The controls are pretty standard as other pedals on the Dr J range with Tone, Drive and Output at your fingertips.

The pedal has a clip switch, flick it and swap between Mosfet or Diode clipping.. The characteristics of each play a hug part in the sound of your Distortion..

The 15DB boost, which can be used by itself can be placed before or after Sir Lancelot adds his distortion to your signal.

Placing the boost before the distortion produces enough power & drive to knock a princess off a horse.


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