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Manufacturer’s Description for Fender Rumble 25 Bass Combo Amplifier (25 Watts, 1×10 in.)

The Rumble 25 combo has 25 watts of power and a Fender Special Design 10 in. speaker, the most popular sized speaker of professional bassists! The on-board Effects Loop (Preamp out/Power amp in) serves multiple functions. First, the Preamp out allows you to send your signal directly out into a recording device (no microphone needed). Second, you can route effects such as delay or reverb in to the middle of your signal path (which produces better results). It also has a CD input to jam along to your favorite music. This amp has enough power to jam with friends at medium volumes and is easily transported for low-level rehearsals. 

Displaying attributes usually found on more expensive amplifiers, Rumble Series combos feature carpet covering, oversized plastic corners, metal grille and the new Fender® Bass Amplification logo. Also, the Rumble 100, 60 and 25 combo’s exclusive red "stage light" pulsates with your playing to inspire you to get better faster! Available in four different models, Rumble Series combos have the tones and features demandedby pro players, yet are affordable enough for beginning bassists.



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