Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive & Distortion


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V2 Jekyll & Hyde

Overdrive & Distortion

From its first appearance in 1997, the Jekyll & Hyde was the first pedal to combine two separate effects in one pedal. Now ten years later the new V2 Series gives the same great tone guitarists have come to love plus an added noise reduction system, creating the ultimate guitar dream!  Each channel of the newly designedJekyll & Hyde has separate controls, giving you the ability to use them separately, or together.  The Jekyll Overdrive channel improves on the sound of the TS-808 Tubescreamer. With a Bass Boost switch and far more output volume than the original TS-808, this Overdrive far surpasses its predecessor.  The Hyde side is a heavier distortion with more bottom end, a separate Mid range control, and even an internal Bass control.  All of this adds up to one of the most versatile distortion/overdrive pedals on the planet!



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