Jetcity by Soldano JCA2212 combo


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The complete package with foot-switchable channels and crazy tube tone.

The JCA2212C 20W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp is a “combo” version of the JCA22H. It’s the complete package, with (2) foot-switchable channels and crazy tube tone that ranges from clean and jangly, to full-on Soldano high gain. Easy-access speaker connectors on the rear panel allow JCA2212 to drive external cabinets either with or without the internal Jet City Eminence Custom driver. Stacked on an additional JCA12S, the speaker volume doubles and the added height brings the controls to arm’s length in a small club. Includes a second footswitch-accessible overdrive channel along with a tube-buffered, serial effects loop. 12" Jet City Custom Eminence speaker.


  • One Jet City Eminence Custom 12" speaker
  • Dual Channels, Normal and Overdrive for clean to Soldano crunch
  • Drives two additional 8-ohm external cabs (optional)


Jetcity (By Soldano)

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