Jimi Hendrix NPS – 9-42


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Manufacturer’s Description for Dean Markley Jimi Hendrix NPS Electric Guitar Strings

The legacy of famed guitar deity Jimi Hendrix is not to be taken lightly. And when it comes to getting involved in a Hendrix guitar-related project, one better know what one is doing.

After extensive research, company president Dean Markley and his staff were able to determine with some certainty that Hendrix played different types of strings at different points in his career. Using the knowledge gained from their research, the engineers at Dean Markley Strings have developed two types of Jimi Hendrix strings, both of which deliver the string qualities the guitarist would look for were he playing today.

These Jimi Hendrix Nickel Plated Steel strings reflect the type of string used by Hendrix later in his career. Also available, Jimi Hendrix Pure Nickel strings are based on the type of string Hendrix played in his earlier days.



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