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JOYO JF-321 Bullet Metal Distortion Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

JOYO JF-321 Bullet Metal Distortion – The Bullet metal will be the best friend of every metal guitar player.

The built in NOISE GATE function is great to make sure that there is no extra noise between the chords or single notes. Of course, the gate’s threshold is adjustable. Bring the Bullet Metal to your metal-fest and know that even when you are not using it, its true bypass design ensures that your guitar signal remains of the highest quality. The Noise Gate can be adjusted to tackle one of the more troublesome aspects of high gain metal playing,  the loud hiss and noise that comes with turning way up! The Joyo JF-321 Bullet Metal has that sweet noise gate to silence even the worse single coil noise (when you’re not playing).

One special feature of the Ironman series is the cover that flips over the controls to protect your carefully dialled in settings from getting changed accidentally. Set it and forget it! A nice little bonus is the LED light glows through the cover when engaged for a cool visual effect.

    Flippable cover design to protect your settings!
    True Bypass
    Volume, Gain, Tone Controls
    Sturdy and solid. These were made to last.
    Dimensions: 1 1/2″ W  x 2 3/4″ H  x 1 1/2″ D  
    Uses a standard style 9V negative centre AC Adapter
    Includes Velcro to attach to your pedalboard!

Brand: JOYO
Weight: 222g
Joyo Ironman JF-321 Bullet Metal Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal



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