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  • The JOYO ZGP is a wide-range voltage input power supply, specially designed for isolating a power supply’s hum and noise to make your pedals sound cleaner and only give you the signal you actually want! It is well known that effects pedals’ hum and noise are insufferable to guitarists.

    Except for the hum and noise from the cables, guitar and pedals, the main source for hum and noise is a pedal’s power supply system, aka power adapter. Currently, a lot of the 9V adapters on the market are not isolated, and their performance is inferior to isolated power supply with regard to crosstalk noise, when several effects pedals are connecting to one power supply, each pedal(especially digital pedals) forms a ground loop, which brings the noise from other magnetic fields into the signal path and all the other pedals are affected and become unstable. Also, because the pedals form several DC circuits which in turn interfere with each other. This is most noticeable with high gain pedals. The ZGP is capable of isolating the power supply’s hum and noise completely from a normal 9V adapter. So say goodbye to ground loops or ripple noise. These
    headaches are over when you are using the ZGP.


    • Changes the normal daisy chain power supply into a real independent daisy chain output power supply
    • It filers ripple noise from the adapter
    • It provides 800mA working current
    • Breaks the ground loop and offers independent output
    • It provides stable 9V output voltage



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