Mark Bass AC 121 Acoustic/Bass Hybrid


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 A great acoustic combo, designed specifically for acoustic bass.

Acoustic bass players have been asking for years to have a small, light, portable and powerful combo to amplify their valuable, complex-sounding instruments. No matter what type of bass pickup or transducer you have, the Markbass Markacoustic AC 121 acoustic amp offers exceptional sound reproduction. This combo amplifier was developed specifically for the acoustic bass and for use with piezo pickups and/or microphone, with the knowledge that getting a great stage sound with a pickup and microphone is not at all easy. The Markbass Markacoustic AC 121 acoustic amplifier offers a 2-channel preamp, with a 1/4" input jack on channel 1 and an XLR/1/4" combo input on channel 2, with switchable 48V phantom power. Anti-feedback and phase reverse controls allow you to easily manage feedback and phase problems, and get great sound from your acoustic instrument at any volume. Considering not only the sound but its astounding portability, this Markbass acoustic amp could soon become a standard for acoustic instruments. The internal Markacoustic AH 250 head is located with the controls on the top of the combo so you have easy access to them when playing in upright position. The AC 121 Markbass acoustic amp features one custom neodymium 12" woofer that has been designed through collaboration between Markbass and B&C Speakers. This Markbass amplifier is also a great option for ‘doublers,’ since the 2-channel design allows you to have different EQ and level settings for each channel.


  • 4 reverbs, 2 chorus
  • 2 channels
  • 12" speaker



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