Mark Bass SD 1200


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 Make the walls shake, rattle, and roll.

Markbass knows that some bassists need more than 1000W of power. That’s why the SD 1200 bass amp head was created. Headroom is all about having more power than you normally need, and this mighty amplifier will allow any bass player in any band to hold their own, no matter how big the stage or how loud the band. The Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator (VLE) and Variable Preshape Filter (VPF) allow access to a wide array of timbres, from classic tones to modern hi-fi. The Markbass amp head’s sound is exceptionally warm and clear even at full volume, providing ultrafast response and unparalleled reproduction of the most minute details of your playing.


  • 1/4" input
  • Gain controls
  • Master Volume
  • Line Out Level
  • Ground Lift switch (rear)
  • Pre/Post EQ switch (rear)
  • Low, Mid low, Mid High, High EQ
  • Variable Preshape Filter
  • Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator



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