MEINL MCS PACK 14″ Hihat, 16″ Crash, 20″ Ride


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The Meinl MCS Cymbal Pack  contains 14" medium hi-hats, a 16" medium crash, a 20" medium ride,These Meinl cymbals are all specially harmonically matched for the most musical sound. 

Created with the B8 alloy of 92 percent copper, 8 percent tin (plus traces of silver) for bright, rich, laser-clear sound quality.

Most remarkably, its look is achieved by a capillary fine lathing process that sets the bell apart from the rest of the cymbal’s surface. This highly technical lathing process results in a clearer and more projecting bell sound.

A deep lathing groove is applied on to the cymbal’s surface, remarkably reducing its thickness and weight. This results in a quicker response that enables the sound to unfold much easier. Along with precise hammering patterns, the new Meinl MCS cymbals set the standard in this price range.



  • 20" medium ride
  • 14" medium hi-hats
  • 16" medium crash



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