Planet waves Classical Capo pw-cp-04

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Planet Waves PW-CP-04 NS Classical Capo – Black

The Planet Waves PW-CP-04 NS Pro Classical Guitar Capo gives you buzz-free, in-tune performance on any fret of your nylon-string guitar. This lightweight aluminum Ned Steinberger design features Tri-Action geometry that’s easy on your hands and provides quick and effortless operation. With micrometer tension adjustment and direct horizontal pressure, Tri-Action effectively eliminates lateral string pull (and the need for frequent re-tunings), giving you even tension across all your strings. Put a Planet Waves PW-CP-04 NS Pro Classical Guitar Capo in your gig bag today!

Planet Waves PW-CP-04 NS Features:


  • Designed for use on classical guitars with a flat radius
  • Micrometer tension adjustment assures buzz-free in-tune performance at every fret
  • Single hand, easy to operate Tri-Action Geometry; can clamp to the headstock when not in use
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction.



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