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Impressive Sounds and Musical Expandability

Exceptional sound quality. Outstanding instruments, amazing flexibility, and the capability to develop with your playing ability.

  • Striking, vibrant sounds and styles 
  • Professional, interactive accompaniments
  • Future-ready
  • Stay connected with USB and V-LINK
  • Versatile performance features

    Striking, vibrant sounds and styles

    The EXR–3 is the first Roland arranger keyboards to use a powerful 64-voice sound engine-filled with a variety of sounds sure to satisfy the most demanding player. The 510 onboard Tones use high-quality waveforms from Roland’s acclaimed sound library to achieve a realism not yet found in this price range. These include beautiful stereo-sampled Piano tones borrowed from our legendary RD-Series stage pianos. The sound is further enhanced by a superior speaker system with cutting-edge DSP technology (called Digital Bass Enhancer) for powerful, clean sound..

    Professional, interactive accompaniments

    The Roland EXR-3 features more than 100 all-new Music Styles created by many international musicians for a truly ‘live’ feel.
    The Orchestrator function gives players more instrumental flexibility, while an innovative new Cover function allows you to choose from five presets for instant, realtime Style re-orchestration (Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Dance, Ethnic). Imagine creating new arrangements as you play!


    The EXR keyboards come with Flash memory as standard, which means that it can hold up to 1.5MB worth of your own selectionof Songs and Music Styles. Get new songs and styles from your favorite music store or the Internet to keep your EXR up-to-date as your taste changes or musical trends evolve. 
    And there’s some more good news: The EXR-3 can play back GM, GM2, GS and XG song data, which covers almost all music data available on the market today.

    Stay connected with USB and V-LINK

    With the built-in USB port, you can quickly exchange song or style data between the EXR’s internal flash memory and your PC. There’s no need to install a driver; once connected, your Interactive Arranger automatically appears as an external hard disk on your PC’s desktop.
    The EXR-3 has V-LINK capabilities that allow you to manipulate video footage while you are playing—in perfect sync with your music*. This feature allows you to explore the world of AV, now rapidly gaining popularity with amateur and professional musicians.
    * V-LINK requires the addition of an optional Edirol video processor.

    Versatile performance features

    The EXR-Series is designed with performers in mind. The Music Assistant allows instant and easy access to a database of over 100 songs while the Minus One feature provides instant karaoke—or a great tool for practicing the left- and right-hand parts of pieces separately. In addition, the metronome, note indication on Custom LCD, Tap Tempo button and easy multitimbral parts make these keyboards ideal for learning. Using the onboard 16-track sequencer you can even compose your own music and save it to the flash memory or PC. All in all, you get a professional instrument for an amazingly small budget and great fun for years to come.

    And there’s more…

    o With intuitive operating systems the EXR-Series is easy to use
    o New sleek, silver design looks good on stage and at home
    o 2 One Touch memories per Music Style
    o 10 User Programs that allow you store your own registrations
    o Direct Access to 8 of your most favorite sounds via dedicated Tone buttons
    o Function Lock allows you to lock out features and functions you may not wish to use in education environments



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