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 The Vintage VS6 has all the attributes of the original Gibson SG guitar that it bears resemblance to, including a set Mahogany neck, dual Chrome covered humbuckers and two sets of volume and tone controls, not to mention the same rock attitude! The similarity ends when it comes to price however, as the VS6 bears a price tag that begs belief when you take into account the sheer playability and style of the VS6, there is no wonder that this is one of Vintage?s best selling guitars.

The feel of the VS6 is all down to the broad and slim Mahogany body and set Mahogany neck. There is virtually no heel at the neck joint so the guitar and neck flow together as one unit. This key feature gives the VS6 the feel of a classic guitar and makes it great fun to play. The slim neck leaves the body at the 22nd fret so there is no loss of playability on the high notes. The fingerboard is made of solid Rosewood and inlayed with 9 trapezoid position markers. Smooth frets and a low string action make playability light and snappy with all playing styles accommodated for. The adjustable Chrome tune-o-matic bridge rests close to the body and is soft enough to make palm muted riffing effortless and flowing.

Chrome covers on the humbuckers and bridge and a glossy Cherry finish to the body give the VS6 its stylishly dark looks, in addition to a large multi ply black and white scratchplate that mirrors the point of the lower horn. The upper horn veers forward just a touch more than the lower horn but this body skewing does not detract from the classic style. Chamfering around the upper body curves gives a comfortable contact surface with your picking hand and helps to emphasise the body shape.
The gloss black symmetrical block shaped headstock of the VS6 bears the Vintage logo and emblem in green pearloid amongst spaciously set Chrome kluson style tuners with green plastic knobs. The rear of the headstock has the same glossy finish as the body, which runs all the way down the neck giving a smooth and snug feel.

All controls are located in the lower body section, including two volume and tone dials for each pickup. These dials have the retro styled knobs of tapered transparent resin over black, with white numbering visible inside. A three way pickup selector sits in front of these dials inside a disc indicating the rhythm and treble positions. The front of the guitar also bears the guitar cable jack in true SG style.
With such easy playability, the VS6 is certainly a versatile guitar and thanks to a pair of Wilkinson humbuckers it has the power to deliver a punchy rock sound. There is enough difference between the rhythm and treble pickups to give expression to bluesy solos or even pound through metal riffs. With both pickups selected you get the best of both worlds, great for clean rhythm playing, and you still have the tone and volume controls to get your desired sound. The unrestricted neck access makes the VS6 a great guitar for someone ready to develop their soloing technique and a slim action ensures that the notes roll off your fingertips.



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