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Adam Audio F5 (Per piece)

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ADAM Audio monitors are found in top recording and post production studios all over the world, and now take their extensive knowledge of studio speaker technology and have created a more affordable entry line of monitors. The F5 is the smallest of the near field monitors in the F-series and has been designed for listening environments with somewhat limited space.TweeterThe F models feature a newly designed version of ADAMs highly acclaimed ART tweeter. Slightly smaller than the X-ART tweeter, it is the next step in this continuous evolution in tweeter design.MidwooferAs the name suggests, the F5 sports a 5 woofer made from carbon and paper and a 25mm voice coil. Despite the size of both the woofer as well as the cabinet, the F5 is capable of an astounding deep yet tight bass response.ControlsSeveral controls to adjust the monitors to the environment are located on the rear panel: two room EQs for both the high (>5kHz) and the low (<300Hz) frequencies as well as a volume knob (- to +6dB).