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Alhambra Model 6P

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A guitar made of Indian Rosewood and concert measures. Robust, comfortable and with great sound where the powerful bass are highlighted.

In the 6 P model of Alhambra Guitars we find a guitar with the high quality of traditional methods, where we profit from the qualities of a selected cedar top, obtaining a warm sound, with rounded tones and powerful volume.


Due to its features, the 6 P model must be categorized as a concert guitar.

This guitar has a comfortable string action and a soundboard designed with concert width, which makes a powerful and deep sound, in which we must highlight the quality of the bass.

The long-distance between the strings and the top is really striking. This design reminds us of the guitars used by the great guitarist Andrés Segovia, which contributes to enhance the qualities of this instrument, getting a good projection and sustain.

Very high-quality construction to get a comfortable playability


Regarding the materials and finishes of the 6 P model, it is worth mentioning the selected solid cedar top, a double line in the profiles of the top and the back next to a beautiful Indian Rosewood and an Ebony fingerboard, material that is also has used to reinforce the neck.

Natural ebony is not always black and produces beautiful contrasts in the fingerboard due to the wood grain.

With the 6 P model of Alhambra Guitars, you get a robust, comfortable instrument with great sound quality where the powerful bass are highlighted.