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Aston Halo


The Aston Halo reflection filter is the ultimate in portable acoustic booth technology. In a market
awash with differing versions of an ageing design concept, the Aston Halo is a huge leap forward
in reflection filter performance, most notably for Isolation, absorption, mounting hardware and
the overall performance as a studio tool for achieving portable room control. Our multiple
award-winning Halo is, according to every independent magazine review, the best reflection
filter in the world (and it looks fabulous too!)
360° filtering
Halo Shadow's unique design is much bigger than other portable booths, and wraps around top
and bottom, to a maximum rear depth of almost 100 mm to improve room isolation and
absorption without dominating the room sound.
Patented PET felt
The Halo Shadow is made from a patented PET felt, which is one of the most lightweight,
efficient and technical acoustic products available in the world. This makes it ideal for use in a
reflection filters and it's unique to Aston microphones studio acoustic products. Halo Shadow is
not only a highly technical product but it is very environmentally friendly too as it is made from
70% recycled PET plastic.
Easy-mount hardware
Many reflection filters suffer from overly complicated hardware which leads to the products
being unstable and drooping… if you've ever used these you know what we mean! Aston Halo
Shadow is incredibly quick and easy to set up, extremely stable on mic stands, looks fantastic
and, as you’d expect from us, is the best performing reflection filter in the world (check out the
independent Halo reviews on this page!)
Built in Diffusion
Halo Shadow has built in ribs for sound diffusion on both front and back of the product. When
treating room acoustics, diffusion is arguably the most important element to tackle, the idea
being not just to create a 'dead' space, but to help control room reflections by diffusing the
primary reflections in your studio. No other reflection filter incorporates this crucial feature but
Halo Shadow.
Hi Tech construction with patented PET felt
The Halo Shadow is made from a patented PET felt which is one of the most lightweight and
efficient, technical acoustic products available on the global market today, making it ideal for use
in a reflection filter.
An additional side benefit is that the acoustic felt which makes up most of the sound absorption
field is made from 70% recycled PET plastic, so this highly technical product is also very
environmentally friendly.
The lightweight material design, coupled with beautifully engineered ‘easy-mount’ hardware,
means the Halo Shadow is quick and easy to set up, stable on mic stands, and sounds and looks