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Cerberus (NME-3)| Integrated Effects & Controller

Cerberus is a multi-function effect pedal which can be used standalone or with the 4 cable method and comes packed with extraordinary features including inside routing, IR loader, analog overdrive & distortion and digital effects
Integrated Effects & Controller
– Effect types:16
– Preset memory:32 banks x 4 presets
– Latency:Ultra-low Latency (In to Out 0.68 – 2.04ms)
– Tuner:Built-in precise tuner
– AD/DA Converter:Drive section remains analog
– Kill Dry Function:Yes
– Speaker Cabinet Simulation: IR Loader
– MIDI Support: Full MIDI Implements
– Expression Pedal: It becomes a volume control before the digital section
– Boost:0dB – 20dB Clean Boost
– Control Switch: Assign as a Clean Booster, Drive Section Bypass, Mod FX Control, Delay/Reverb Control
– Display: 3-digital 7 segment LED
– Sampling accuracy: 44.1kHz/32Bit
– Processing accuracy:88.2kHz/32Bit THD+N