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Dr J Sparrow Bass Driver DI

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Dr.J D-53 Sparrow Bass DI XLR and Drive Effect Pedal
Small as it is, the sparrow has all the vital organs. This small box captures all the sound of a mic ‘d classic tube bass amp. Has Drive, High and Low Frequency, HF Harmonics and Mix controls and boasts analog cabinet emulation circuitry. Includes an XLR out for DI (perfect for live shows and pro recording) and parallel 1/4″ to connect those pure, beautiful lows your stage amp.

Dr.J is serious about creating inspiring tones for passionate musicians, and to ensure superb tone and outstanding quality, every Dr.J pedal must pass a series of strict tests in the hands of a professional.

From tonal selection, to circuit design and unique layout, to the selection of every single component down to the finest detail, we are committed to the pursuit of perfect pedals regardless of cost. Dr.J is a young brand using unique concepts to create extraordinary effects pedals.

Low low tone control
High high tone control
Drive drive control
Harmonics HF harmonics
Volume adjust level of output
Mix mix control
Switching True Bypass
Dimensions (HxWxD) 28 x 96 x 88mm
Weight 350g
Model Dr J D-53 Sparrow Driver & DI

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