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Jetcity by Soldano JCA100HDM

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Designed by Soldano with pure power and versatility in mind, the JCA100 HDM offers incredibly bright clean tones as well as devastating distortion. The selectable wattage, 50 or 100 watts, allows you to get that extra headroom at a lower volume when required by the size of the venue. Powered by four 6L6 power tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes, the JCA100 HDM provides a very punchy tone similar to Soldano Amp Heads at an affordable price. Don’t miss this incredible deal! 

Jet City JCA100 HDM Features 

  • 50 or 100 watts, selectable output
  • Five 12AX7 preamp and Four 6L6 power tubes
  • Bass, Mid, Treble and Depth Controls allow you to tweak your tone
  • Metal-mesh grille glows blue when powered up!
  • Footswitch Included