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Line 6 POD HD Pro X Guitar Effects Rack Processor

The new Line 6 POD HD Pro X gives you everything you’d expect from a POD, and much more! With an upgraded CPU that easily handles multiple memory-heavy effects, the POD HD Pro X has the extra horsepower you need for even the most effects-laden presets. It also gives you 100+ premium effects, 16 different cabinet models, and even eight microphone models. Plus, the POD HD Pro X’s improved display provides instant visual feedback. It’s a next-generation POD with tons of power!




All your dream amps in one

This rackmountable powerhouse packs 22 astounding amps — modeled to perfection, to give you every nuance and detail of the originals — into an ultra-portable, easy-to-use unit. Plug into the Pod HD Pro X, and you’re plugging into fantastic-sounding models inspired by Fender, Marshall, Bogner, Vox, and several others — and you’re hearing them in HD quality. You can even disable the power-amp portions of many amp models and pair their preamp sections with your physical amp’s power section.

Effects, amp models, and more!

Line 6 didn’t just fill the Pod HD Pro X with all-star amps. You also get an astounding 100+ premium effects, 16 different cabinet models, and even eight microphone models. That’s right. You can plug in your favorite mic and and use the Pod HD Pro X as a studio-quality interface!

Loaded with analog I/O

Although it’s incredibly simple to use, the Pod HD Pro X comes fully equipped with all the connectivity you need for live or studio work. Plug your guitar in and run an output to your amp; you’re ready to rock! A stereo effects send/return lets you add your own rack effects or pedals to the mix. Or use the Pod HD Pro X’s balanced outputs and inject your Pod HD Pro X’s signal straight into a live or studio mixer.

Connect to your DAW

Recording great guitar tones and more has never been easier, thanks to the Pod HD Pro X’s dedicated USB output S/PDIF jacks and AES/EBU connections. You don’t have to bother with space-hogging amps and expensive mics; just plug right into your DAW, and it’s as if you’ve set up a roomful of iconic amps, cabs, effects — miked up and ready to go. The AES/EBU output jack also doubles as a link XLR jack, which lets you connect directly to Line 6’s DT Series amps. Do you already have a Line 6 Variax guitar? Well you’ll love the dedicated Variax input.

Perfect for 2-amp rigs

Love two-amp guitar rigs? Line 6 lets you build your own, right inside the Pod HD Pro X! You can actually create two independent amp and effects signal chains and blend them to run them into one amplifier — or route them out of the Pod HD Pro X’s 1/4″ and XLR outputs in true stereo. You’ll sound bigger and better than ever, onstage or in the studio.


Line 6 POD HD Pro X Features:

  • Extensive collection of award-winning HD amps for authentic tone and feel
  • 100+ studio and stomp effects-use up to eight simultaneously
  • Selectable speaker cabinets and mics
  • Unparalleled flexibility to craft your tones
  • Dual signal paths; multiple routing options
  • Dynamic DSP with more power for amps and effects
  • Stereo FX loop can be inserted anywhere in the signal chain
  • Comprehensive I/O includes USB 2.0, MIDI, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, balanced XLR outputs, 1/4″ dry out,
  • Integrated mic preamp lets you process vocals and acoustic sources
  • Guitar input with variable impedance delivers real amplifier feel
  • L6 LINK connection for controlling DT-series amplifiers and StageSource-series loudspeakers
  • VDI connection for integrating and controlling James Tyler Variax guitars
  • 8 set lists containing 64 presets plus 512 user-writable preset locations
  • Downloadable POD HD Pro X software editor/patch librarian makes crafting your own tones easy
  • Includes integrated 48-second looper and built-in chromatic tuner
  • Professional-grade construction withstands harsh touring conditions

    Amp Models

    • Bogner® Uberschall
    • Divided by 13 JRT 9/15
    • Dr. Z® Route 66
    • ENGL® Fireball 100
    • Fender® Bassman® (“Normal” ch.)
    • Fender® Bassman® (“Bright” ch.)
    • Fender® Blackface Dlx Reverb® (“Normal” ch.)
    • Fender® Blackface Dlx Reverb® (“Vibrato” ch.)
    • Fender® Twin Reverb® (“Normal” ch.)
    • Fender® Twin Reverb® (“Vibrato” ch.)
    • Gibson® EH-185
    • Hiwatt® Custom 100 (DR103)
    • Line 6 Doom
    • Line 6 Epic
    • Line 6 Elektrik
    • Marshall® JCM-800 (2204)
    • Marshall® JTM-45 MkII (“Normal” ch.)
    • Marshall® JTM-45 MkII (“Bright” ch.)
    • Marshall® “Plexi” 1959 Super Lead (“Normal” ch.)
    • Marshall® “Plexi” 1959 Super Lead (“Bright” ch.)
    • Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®
    • Park 75 (“Normal” ch.)
    • Park 75 (“Bright” ch.)
    • Soldano® SLO100 (“Clean”)
    • Soldano® SLO100 (“Crunch”)
    • Soldano® SLO100 (“Overdrive”)
    • Supro® S6616
    • Vox® AC-15
    • Vox® AC-30 Top Boost
    • Ampeg® B-15NF Portaflex®

    *All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6’s sound model development.


    • Analog Echo
    • Analog with Modulation
    • Auto-Volume Delay
    • Bias Tremolo
    • Digital Delay
    • Digital Delay with Modulation
    • Dynamic Delay
    • Echo Platter
    • Echo Platter Dry Thru
    • Lo Res Delay
    • Multi-Head
    • Opto Tremolo
    • Ping Pong
    • Reverse
    • Stereo Delay
    • Sweep Echo
    • Sweep Echo Dry Thru
    • Tape Echo
    • Tape Echo Dry Thru
    • Tube Echo
    • Tube Echo Dry Thru


    • Bass Octaver
    • Boost Comp
    • Buzz Saw
    • Classic Distortion
    • Colordrive
    • Facial Fuzz
    • Fuzz Pi
    • Heavy Distortion
    • Jet Fuzz
    • Jumbo Fuzz
    • Line 6 Distortion
    • Line 6 Drive
    • Octave Fuzz
    • Overdrive
    • Screamer
    • Sub Octave Fuzz
    • Tube Drive
    • Volume Pedal

    Compressors and EQs

    • 4 Band Shift EQ
    • Blue Comp
    • Blue Comp Treb
    • Graphic EQ
    • Mid Focus EQ
    • Noise Gate
    • Parametric EQ
    • Red Comp
    • Studio EQ
    • Tube Comp
    • Vetta Comp
    • Vetta Juice


    • Attack Synth
    • Chrome
    • Chrome Custom
    • Colorful
    • Comet Trails
    • Conductor
    • Fassel
    • Growler
    • Obi Wah
    • Octisynth
    • Pitch Glide
    • Q Filter
    • Seeker
    • Slow Filter
    • Smart Harmony
    • Spin Cycle
    • Synth String
    • Synth-O-Matic
    • Throaty
    • Throbber
    • Tron Down
    • Tron Up
    • V Tron
    • Vetta Wah
    • Voice Box
    • Weeper


    • ’63 Spring
    • Cave
    • Chamber
    • Ducking
    • Echo
    • Hall
    • Lux Spring Reverb
    • Octo
    • Particle Verb
    • Room
    • Tile
    • Vintage Plate Reverb