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Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBS Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

Over the years, Mahalo has been producing quality ukuleles for all categories of players. Their ukuleles come with solid construction and sound is also amazing.



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Over the years, Mahalo has been producing quality ukuleles for all categories of players. Their ukuleles come with solid construction and sound is also amazing.

The Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele is one of the best Mahalo Ukulele products. In this Mahalo ukulele Review, we are going to look at features that make this string instrument one of the best ukuleles that money can buy.

This Mahalo soprano ukulele is a good quality entry level ukulele. It is not expensive but can compete with other expensive ukuleles.

The ukulele comes with a transparent brown color and semi-gloss finishes, which makes it even more appealing.

The bodywork and construction it very solid and the ukulele is also very portable, durable and lightweight.
The Mahalo ukulele strings & Sound

This Mahalo uke produces a rich and bright sound. Unlike other cheap ukuleles, it has a pretty good amount of volume and sustains.

In fact, it does not even sound like a cheap uke. This instrument comes with plastic strings that feel very smooth to touch. Another thing is that the sound of this ukulele can be horrible when off tune, but when tuned right, it sounds great.

It also stays in tune longer than most ukuleles in the market. Although the strings may take some time to stretch but will get better after some time.
Frets & fingerboard of MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

Frets and fretboard are a very important part of a ukulele. Therefore, in this Mahalo Soprano ukulele review, we are going to look at the fretting of the product.

The Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele comes with 12 brass frets, which are solidly installed on the fretboard. The fingerboard is made of a mahogany body and looks very solid for its price. The spacing of the frets on the fretboard is also done accurately.
Mahalo Ukulele tuning pegs

The machine heads of the Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele is made of vintage geared and nickel material.

It helps to keep the ukulele in tune for long, which is why players don’t need to tune all the time. The tuner hardware is great. It gives this ukulele a much better tone, as compared to other types of ukulele in this price range.
Wood (Neck, body and sides)

A lot of players doubt the durability of this Mahalo ukulele because of its price. Well, it’s not their fault because people always equate durability with the price. First of all, the neck of this instrument is very solid.

In fact, it doesn’t feel flimsy or gives you the impression that it might break, even if you hold it very tight. The wood of this ukulele looks too great that no one believes it is sold under $30.

In fact, the wood material looks so real and not painted. This ukulele is also rugged for schools, due to the nature of the wood and construction. It is made of thick laminate wood. The body wood of the ukulele is made of Segnon material while the fingerboard and bridge are made of mahogany.
Weight of MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

Most cheap ukuleles weight heavily, and players get tired after playing for a short time because of the weight. These ukuleles are not so bad, but ukulele with too much weight can stress the player.

The Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele has a lightweight, thanks to the Segnon material. It is also very portable and easy to transport.
Body & Finish of MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele

The body of this ukulele is a traditional double bout in shape. The curved base is amazing and it is better than the traditional flattened off shape most ukuleles have.

This ukulele looks very attractive and mature for its price. The body doesn’t have any other decoration, with neat finishes all over. The front and back sides of this ukulele are made of single pieces while the back is completely flat. This ukulele is also very smooth to touch and it resonates very well.
Mahalo ukulele case

This ukulele is sold with a Soprano ukulele case that prevents the instrument from dust and the effect of weather. The Soprano ukulele cover is also important for people who like traveling a lot, as it products both the strings and body of the ukulele from scratches or improper handling.
Value for money

Even though this Mahalo ukulele is cheap, it still offers a good value for money. To me, I will give it a score of 9.5/10 because most people might not like to change the plastic string to something like the Aquila nylgut strings.

But overall, this ukulele is okay. It sounds well, exceptionally durable, lightweight and portable.
Summary of Mahalo Ukuleles MK1TBR Kahiko Series Soprano Ukulele features:

Quality satin finish
Rich and bright sound
Thick laminate wood
Traditional double bout shape
Available with a soprano ukulele cover

In Summary

The Mahalo ukulele is obviously a cheap laminate ukulele, and it has no flaws or issues that normally plague the ukulele at this price point. The shape and the finish are amazing, and it also produces great sound.

This ukulele is great for beginners planning to buy their first ukuleles. It is also suitable for intermediate and advanced players that need a ukulele with a different feel.

Brand Mahalo Ukuleles
Size Soprano
Color Transparent Brown
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4 x 8 x 21 inches
Top Material Type Mahogany
Back Material Type Mahogany
Instrument Ukulele
Item Weight 1.05 Pounds
Number of Strings 4