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Manufacturer’s Description for Sabian B8 16-inch Medium Crash Cymbal

Fast, solid response blends power with explosion of crisp, bright tone for bigger, fuller accents.

Rising to the Top 
When the initial pouring of molten bronze was cooled, rolled and hammered to create the first Sabian cymbal in 1982, little did the world realize what a formidable success Sabian Ltd. would become. For those familiar with Sabian’s dedication to producing the finest instruments possible, this rapid rise in popularity came as no surprise. 

Within a decade, cymbals, gongs and percussion instruments bearing the Sabian ringed logo were the choice of many of the world’s leading drummers and percussionists. Today, Phil Collins, Jack DeJohnette, Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy, Evelyn Glennie, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps, and many more major players are members of the international family of drummers and percussionists affiliated with Sabian. 

Their cymbals are crafted with an unparalleled degree of musical quality from the purest and most durable bronze alloys and offered at the fairest possible prices, ensuring acceptance and satisfaction with players of all styles of music and all budget levels. 

The Sabian Secret
As Sabian artists top the charts, the company’s reputation for producing high quality, innovative instruments sees Sabian consistently topping both consumer and dealer popularity polls. Modern Drummer magazine readers voted Sabian #1 Most Innovative Cymbal Company and #1 Most Consumer/Service Oriented Cymbal Company, while rocketing sales in over 100 countries have made Sabian the world’s leading new choice of cymbal. 

Tradition joins innovation as a key factor in this success. With the HH Hand Hammered Series, Sabian is the only major company producing cymbals that are hand hammered in the ancient Turkish manner a craft imported from Istanbul, the traditional home of cymbal making. Sabian takes special care to ensure that each cymbal in their 7 different series is skillfully crafted to meet their superior standards of quality. 

Though still a young name, Sabian has rapidly become a key part of cymbal making history, assuming a lead position by combining innovation and tradition to show the way for cymbal making in the future.