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Zildjian Cymbals, ZXT Titanium Pro /4 Cymbal Pre Pack (14″+16″+20″)

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Manufacturer’s Description for Zildjian ZXT Titanium Pro Cymbal Package

Introducing the revolutionary new ZXT Titanium Sheet Bronze cymbal range. ZXT Titanium offers the first-ever silver colored titanium coating on Sheet Bronze cymbals with a new technologically advanced laser engraved logo.

14 in. Solid Ti Hi Hats

16 in. Ti Medium Thin Crash

20 in. Ti Medium Ride

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The new ZXT Titanium cymbal range is the result of Zildjian’s world-class craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. The titanium coating is applied using a vapor deposition process, which allows the cymbals to be coated evenly, ultimately enhancing the sonic properties of the cymbal. Titanium is known for its corrosion resistance, light weight and durability. It is commonly used on sports equipment, aerospace structures and for manufacturing compact discs. 

The ZXT Titanium and Zildjian logos are both laser engraved into the titanium finish which gives the cymbals their unique and upscale appearance and ultimately making it nearly impossible for them to wear off.

Following the highly successful launch of the ZXT Superior Sheet Bronze cymbal range last year, the new ZXT Titanium cymbals offer a comprehensive range of professional, high quality sounds with a mirror-like silver colored titanium finish. Utilizing the same hammering and lathing techniques as ZXT, the new ZXT Titanium cymbals have an even brighter and more powerful sound, making them perfect for cutting through in any musical setting. Available in both a ‘Pro’ and a ‘Rock’ weight, the Ride cymbals have a clear ‘ping’ sound and great projection, while the Hi-Hats have a bright and defined "chick." The Crashes, available in a variety of sizes and weights, are ideal for any application. The perfect add-ons to any cymbal set up, the ZXT Titanium cymbal line also includes a China and a Splash cymbal that have a unique bright and colorful sonic quality. 

Gregg Stein, Product Manager, Sheet Cymbals commented, "Developed in the Zildjian Sound Lab in response to overwhelming feedback from both Artists and our customers, ZXT Titanium has it all–Technology, quality sound, durability and affordability." Stein continued, "ZXT Titanium cymbals are as pleasing to the ear, as they are to the eye, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Drummers have been asking for a high quality, silver-colored cymbal for some time." Zildjian Artist, Abe Cunningham of the Deftones, who was lucky enough to get a preview of the new line, had this to say about ZXT Titanium, "I can’t believe how great these cymbals sound and look. I only wish these were available when I was starting out on the drums."